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One Word Substitution For Government/Systems

Government by peopleDemocracy
Government by dictatorDictatorship
Government by king or queenMonarchy
Government by a particular communityCommunalism
Government by rich peoplePlutocracy
Government by educated/high-class society or NobilityAristocracy
Government by non-elected peopleBureaucracy
Government by monopolistsCapitalism
A state under a cruel and oppressive government.Tyranny
Absence of government ruleAnarchy
Government by small fraction or group of familiesOligocracy
Government by religious institutionsTheocracy
A self-governing country or regionAutonomy
A state, society, or group governed by old peopleGerontocracy
Government by new or inexperienced handsNeocracy
Government by the populaceOchlocracy
Government not connected with religious or spiritual mattersSecular
A political system based on the government of men by GodThearchy

List of One Word Substitution related to Phobia or Fear

PhraseOne word
An extreme or irrational fear of heightsAcrophobia
fear of itching or of insects causing itchingAcarophobia
An irrational fear of fresh air or drafts of airAerophobia
Fear of being egoistical, alone or isolatedAutophobia
Phobia of painAlgophobia
An emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eatAnorexia
Phobia of open placesAgoraphobia
fear of humansAnthropophobia
fear of crossing busy streetsAgyiophobia
A persistent fear of depthsBathophobia
Fear or hatred of BooksBibliophobia
Fear of timeChronophobia
Fear of closed spaceClaustrophobia
Fear of DogsCynophobia
Fear of WomenGynephobia
Fear of KnowledgeGnosiophobia
Fear of marriage, or getting in a relationshipGamophobia
Intense fear of TravellingHodophobia
Fear of WaterHydrophobia
Fear of DiseasesHaemetophobia
Fear of WordsLogophobia
An extreme fear of night or DarkNyctophobia
Fear of MedicationPharmacophobia
Fear of DeathThanatophobia

More one-word substitution related to Phobia

List of One Word Substitution related to Death/KillingMurder

One Word SubstitutionMurder/Death
Killing of Humankind or a large group of peopleGenocide/ Carnage
A solemn procession, especially for a funeralCortege
A poem of serious reflection, typically a lament for the deadElegy
A phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has diedEpitaph
Killing of one’s son or daughterFilicide
Destruction or abortion of a fetusFoeticide
Killing of one’s brotherFratricide
Killing ofGenocide
Killing of one person by anotherHomicide
Killing of infantsInfanticide
Burial of a corpse in a grave or tombInterment
Killing of one’s motherMatricide
A room or building in which dead bodies are keptMortuary
A news article that reports the recent death of a personObituary
Killing of a parent or other near relativeParricide
Killing of one’s fatherPatricide
An examination of a dead body to determine the cause of deathPostmortem
Action of killing a kingRegicide
Killing of one’s sisterSororicide
Act of intentionally causing one’s own deathSuicide
Killing of one’s wifeUxoricide
Killing of HusbandMariticide
The killing of an animal for foodSlaughter
Killing someone illegallyLynch
The killing of an elder/olderSenicide

List of One Word Substitution related to Mania

Intense desire to be in open spacesAgromania
Abnormal sexual interestAphrodisiomania
Craze for books or readingBibliomania
Excessive desire to stay in bedClinomania
Obsession with killingDacnomania
Abnormal craving for alcoholDipsomania
Obsession with giving giftsDoromania
Intense desire to run away from homeDrapetomania
Compulsive longing for travelDromomania
Irrational self-centered attitude or self-worshipEgomania
Mania for holding public officeEmpleomania
Craze for flowersFlorimania
Obsession with writingGraphomania
Irrational craving for waterHydromania
Obsession of thepthKlopemania
Morbid craving for alcoholMethomania
Craze for musicMelomania
Abnormal love for one kind of foodOpsomania
Mania for moneyPlutomania
Mania for warPolemomania
Craze for starting firesPyromania
Obsession with stamp-collectingStampomania/Philately 
Morbid craving for poisonsToxicomania

List of One Word Substitution Related to Studies and Languages

PhraseOne word
The study of ancient thingsArchaeology
Study of StarsAstronomy
Study of statisticsDemography
The study of plantsBotany
The study of animalsZoology
The study of rocks and soilGeology
The study of the environmentBiology
The study of languagesPhilology
The study of a bodyPhysiology
The study of mankindAnthropology
The study of human behaviourPsychology
The study of female reproductive organsGynaecology
The study of the mental structure of childrenPediatry
The study of the physical structure of childrenPaediatrics
The study of different skin diseasesDermatology
The study of the structure of bones and curvature of the spineOrthopaedics
The scientific study of the structure and diseases of teethOdontology
The practice of writing dictionariesLexicography
The study of the heart diseases and circulatory systemCardiology
The study of brain structure, treatment of nervous systemNeurology
A secret or disguised way of writingCypher
The therapeutic use of sunlightHeliotherapy
The theory or philosophy of lawJurisprudence

List of One Word Substitution Related to Profession

PhraseOne word
A person who travels in spaceAstronaut
A person who presents a radio/television programmeAnchor
One who studies the evolution of mankindAnthropologist
A person who makes mapsCartographer
A person who sells flowersFlorist
A person with beautiful penmanshipCalligrapher
A person who supervisesInvigilator
A person who anchors a radio showRadio Jockey
A person who teaches dance movesChoreographer
A person who supervises the meusemCurator
A person who collects coinsNumismatist
A person who drives a carChauffeur

One Word Substitution List Related to Person Or People

One Word Substitution Person/People
One who is not sure about God’s existenceAgnostic
A person who deliberately sets fire to a buildingArsonist
One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a professionAmateur
One who can use either hand with easeAmbidextrous
One who makes an official examination of accountsAuditor
A person who believes in or tries to bring about a state of lawlessnessAnarchist
A person who has changed his faithApostate
One who does not believe in the existence of GodAtheist
A person appointed by two parties to solve a disputeArbitrator
One who leads an austere lifeAscetic
An unconventional style of livingBohemian
One who is bad in spellingsCacographer
One who feeds on human fleshCannibal
A person who is blindly devoted to an idea/ a person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotismChauvinist
A critical judge of any art and craftConnoisseur
Persons living at the same timeContemporaries
One who is recovering health after illnessConvalescent
A girl/woman who flirts with a manCoquette
A person who regards the whole world as his countryCosmopolitan
One who is a centre of attractionCynosure
One who sneers at the beliefs of othersCynic
A leader or orator who espouses the cause of the common peopleDemagogue
A person having a sophisticated charmDebonair
A leader who sways his followers by his oratoryDemagogue
A dabbler (not serious) in art, science and literatureDilettante
One who is for pleasure of eating and drinkingEpicure
One who often talks of his achievementsEgotist
Someone who leaves one country to settle in anotherEmigrant
A man who is womanish in his habitsEffeminate
One who is hard to please (very selective in his habits)Fastidious
One who runs away from justiceFugitive
One who is filled with excessive enthusiasm in religious mattersFanatic
One who believes in fateFatalist
A lover of good foodGourmand
Conferred as an honourHonorary
A person who acts against religionHeretic
A person of intellectual or erudite tastesHighbrow
A patient with imaginary symptoms and ailmentsHypochondriac
A person who is controlled by wifeHenpeck
One who shows sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitalityIndefatigable
Someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutionsIconoclast
One who does not express himself freelyIntrovert
Who behaves without moral principlesImmoral
A person who is incapable of being tampered withImpregnable
One who is unable to pay his debtsInsolvent
A person who is mentally illLunatic
A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human societyMisanthrope
A person who is primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethicsMercenary
Someone in love with himselfNarcissist
One who collect coins as hobbyNumismatist
A person who likes or admires womenPhilogynist
A lover of mankindPhilanthropist
A person who speaks more than one languagePolyglot
One who lives in solitudeRecluse
Someone who walks in sleepSomnambulist
A person who is indifferent to the pains and pleasures of lifeStoic
A scolding nagging bad-tempered womanTermagant
A person who shows a great or excessive fondness for one’s wifeUxorious
One who possesses outstanding technical ability in a particular art or fieldVirtuoso

One Word Substitution List Related to Habits and Ability

PhraseOne word
An ability to use both the handsDexterity
An ability to express oneself in speechOracity
An ability to make good judgments and take quick decisionsAcumen
An ability to see what might happened in futureForesight
An ability to stay calm in difficult situationsSangfroid
An ability to do somethingKnack
An ability to copy the behaviour of a personMimicry
An ability to find ways or directionsNavigate
An ability to add diagrams or explanation to a written contextAnnotate
Having no legal powerNutt
Having complete powerOmnipotent, Omnipotence
Having an appealing taste or appearanceLuscious
Having to a useful purposeOtiose
Having knowledge of the power of learningErudite

List of One Word Substitution Related to Group/Collection

One Word SubstitutionGroup/Collection
A group of guns or missile launchers operated together at one placeBattery
A large bundle bound for storage or transportBale
A large gathering of people of a particular typeBevy
An arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a presentBouquet
A family of young animalsBrood
A group of things that have been hidden in a secret placeCache
A number of people travelling together in a big van or jeepCaravan
A closed political meetingCaucus
An exclusive circle of people with a common purposeClique
A group of followers hired to applaud at a performanceClaque
A series of starsConstellation
A funeral processionCortege
A group of worshippersCongregation
A herd or flock of animals being driven in a bodyDrove
A small fleet of ships or boatsFlotilla
A group of sheepFlock
A small growth of trees without underbrushGrove
A community of people smaller than a villageHamlet
A group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammalsHerd
A large group of peopleHorde
A temporary police forcePosse
A large number of fish swimming togetherShoal
A strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquidTorrent

One Word Substitution List Related to Venue Or Spot

List of One Word SubstitutionsVenue/Spot
A collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of peopleArchives
A large cage, building, or enclosure to keep birds Aviary
A building where animals are butcheredAbattoir
A place where bees are kept; a collection of beehivesApiary
A building containing tanks of live fish of different speciesAquarium
A place or scene of activity, debate, or conflictArena
A collection of weapons and military equipmentArsenal
An institution for the care of people who are mentally illAsylum
A hole or tunnel dug by a small animal, especially a rabbit, as a dwellingBurrow
A collection of items of the same type stored in a hidden or inaccessible placeCache
A public room or building where gambling games are playedCasino
A large burial ground, especially one not in a churchyardCemetery
A room in a public building where outdoor clothes or luggage may be leftCloakroom
A place where a dead person’s body is crematedCrematorium
A Christian community of nuns living together under monastic vowsConvent
Nursery where babies and young children are cared for during the working dayCreche
A stoppered glass container into which wine or spirit is decantedDecanter
A large bedroom for a number of people in a school or institutionDormitory
The nest of a squirrel, typically in the form of a mass of twigs in a treeDrey
A room or building equipped for gymnastics, games, and other physical exerciseGymnasium
A storehouse for threshed grainGranary
A large building with an extensive floor area, typically for housing aircraftHangar
A box or cage, typically with a wire mesh front, for keeping rabbits or other small domesticated animalsHutch
A place in a large institution for the care of those who are illInfirmary
A small shelter for a dogKennel
A place where wild animal liveLair
A place where coins, medals, or tokens are madeMint
A collection of wild animals kept in captivity for exhibitionMenagerie
A building or buildings occupied by a community of monks living under religious vowsMonastery
A place where bodies are kept for identificationMorgue
A piece of enclosed land planted with fruit treesOrchard
A large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supplyReservoir
A small kitchen or room at the back of a house used for washing dishes and another dirty household workScullery
A close-fitting cover for the blade of a knife or swordSheath
A room or building for sick children in a boarding schoolSanatorium
A place where animal hides are tannedTannery
A large, tall cupboard in which clothes may be hung or storedWardrobe

One Word Substitution Related to Sound

One Word SubstitutionSound
The branch of physics concerned with the properties of soundAcoustics
The sound of AlligatorsBellow
The sound of DeersBell
The sound of CrowsCaw
The sound of GeeseCackle
The sound of HensCluck
The sound of DolphinsClick
The sound of FrogsCroak
The sound of CricketsCreak
The sound of MonkeysGibber
The sound of CamelsGrunt
The sound of OwlsHoot
The sound of PenguinsHonk
The sound of CattleMoo
The sound of HorsesNeigh
The sound of NightingalesPipe
The sound of DucksQuack
The sound of ParrotsScreech
The sound of RatsSqueak
The sound of BirdsTwitter
The sound of ElephantsTrumpet
The sound of MosquitoesWhine

One Word Substitution Related to Common Terms

One Word SubstitutionGeneric terms
An act of abdicating or renouncing the throneAbdication
Indefinite period of timeAeon
An annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tablesAlmanac
A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that is born in water and breathes with gillsAmphibian
A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political oneAllegory
Appreciation of beauty, by a set of principles.Aesthetics
A statement or proposition on which an abstractly defined structure is basedAxiom
A nation or person engaged in war or conflict, as recognized by international lawBelligerent
An examination of tissue removed from a living body to discover the presence, cause or extent of a diseaseBiopsy
The action or offence of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talkBlasphemy
An eccentric manner of livingBohemian
The arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrenceChronology
A vigorous campaign for political, social, or religious changeCrusade
Lasting for a very short timeEphemeral
Spoken or done without preparationExtempore
Release someone from a duty or obligationExonerate
Fond of companyGregarious
A person who eats too muchGlutton
The remote regions of a country which are far away from the riversHinterland
Making marks that cannot be removedIndelible
Incapable of making mistakes or being wrongInfallible
Certain to happenInevitable
Something which can be copiedImmitable
A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the pastNostalgia
A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseasesPanacea
A doctrine which identifies God with the universePantheism
Excessively concerned with minor details or rulesPedantic
The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s ownPlagiarism
Safe to drinkPotable
The emblems or insignia of royaltyRegalia
Make someone feel youngRejuvenate
Violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacredSacrilege
A position requiring little or no work but giving the holder status or financial benefitSinecure
A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or eventSouvenir
An imaginary ideal society free of poverty and sufferingUtopia
Denoting a sin that is not regarded as depriving the soul of divine graceVenial
In exactly the same words as were used originallyVerbatim
One Word Substitution``

What is One Word Substitution in English Language?

One Word Substitution Meaning– One word substitution is the use of one/Single word in place of a long phrase in order to make the sentence structure clearer and Short. The meaning, after the replacement of the phrase remains same while the sentence becomes shorter.

One Word Substitution Example

Here are Some example of One Word Substitutions in english

A person who collects coins as a hobby – Numismatist
Eg- As a Numismatist, I have a huge collection of currencies from almost all the countries around the world.

The one who settles in another country.- Immigrant
Eg- It isn’t easy being an immigrant in the USA.

One Word Substitution Questions

Here are the some sample questions One Word Substitutions asked in SSC and other govt exams.

Q.1. A place of permanent residence

  1. Abode
  2. Dormitory
  3. Domicile
  4. Apartment
    Answer (3) – Domicile

Q.2. Acollection of weapons and military equipment.

  1. Archives
  2. Arsenal
  3. Arena
  4. Creche
    Answer (2)- Arsenal

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