NCERT Book Class 8 Science for 2024-25

Here we provide NCERT Book Class 8 Science pdf. You can download Class 8 Science NCERT Book pdf in Hindi and English language. Class 8 Science ncert pdf 2024 25 provided by NCERT. NCERT class 8 Science pdf helps you to easily understand the concepts which are given in the CBSE Syllabus of class 8th.

Science is a very interesting and high-scoring subject. Class 8 Science helps you to build your base for the higher classes. If you make Command Science, you can score high not only in your board exams but also in various competitive exams like IIT, AIEEE, UPSC, Railway and SSC. In the Class 8 Science book pdf activities related to all the concepts are given which help you to understand the topic. We also provide NCERT Books for Classes 1 to 12.

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NCERT Book for Class 8 Science

NCERT Class 8 Science Textbooks in both Hindi and English are provided here. You can download NCERT Class 8 Science Book from the link below.

NCERT Books for Class 8 – English Mediumएन सी ई आर टी कक्षा 8 की किताबें हिंदी में
NCERT Class 8 Science Bookएन सी ई आर टी कक्षा 8 विज्ञान
NCERT Book Class 8 Science

NCERT Books Class 8 Science Chapter-wise

The Chapter-wise pdf for Class 8 NCERT Science books in both language Hindi and English is given below table.

Class 8 Science chapters in EnglishClass 8 Science chapters in Hindi
Chapter 1: Crop Production and Managementअध्याय 1: फसल उत्पादन एवं प्रबंध
Chapter 2: Microorganisms: Friend and Foeअध्याय 2: सूक्ष्मजीव: मित्र एवं शत्रु
Chapter 3: Synthetic Fibres and Plasticsअध्याय 3: संश्लेषित रेशे और प्लास्टिक
Chapter 4: Materials: Metals and Non-Metalsअध्याय 4: पदार्थ: धातु और अधातु
Chapter 5: Coal and Petroleumअध्याय 5: कोयला और पेट्रोलियम
Chapter 6: Combustion and Flameअध्याय 6: दहन और ज्वाला
Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants and Animalsअध्याय 7: पौधे एवं जंतुओं का संरक्षण
Chapter 8: Cell – Structure and Functionsअध्याय 8: कोशिका – संरचना एवं प्रकार्य
Chapter 9: Reproduction in Animalsअध्याय 9: जंतुओं में जनन
Chapter 10: Reaching the Age of Adolescenceअध्याय 10: किशोरावस्था की ओर
Chapter 11: Force and Pressureअध्याय 11: बल तथा दाब
Chapter 12: Frictionअध्याय 12: घर्षण
Chapter 13: Soundअध्याय 13: ध्वनि
Chapter 14: Chemical Effects of Electric Currentअध्याय 14: विधुत धारा के रासानिक प्रभाव
Chapter 15: Some Natural Phenomenaअध्याय 15: कुछ प्राकृतिक परिघटनाएँ
Chapter 16: Lightअध्याय 16: प्रकाश
Chapter 17: Stars and The Solar Systemअध्याय 17: तारे एवं सौर परिवार
Chapter 18: Pollution of Air and Waterअध्याय 18: वायु तथा जल का प्रदूषण
NCERT Book Class 8 Science
NCERT Book for Class 8 Science

Topics Covered In NCERT Books Class 8 Science

Topics Covered in Class 8 Science are given below.

  • Crop Production and Management
  • Microorganisms: Friend and Foe
  • Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  • Materials: Metals and Non-Metals
  • Coal and Petroleum
  • Combustion and Flame
  • Conservation of Plants and Animals
  • Cell – Structure and Functions
  • Reproduction in Animals
  • Reaching the Age of Adolescence
  • Force and Pressure
  • Friction
  • Sound
  • Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  • Some Natural Phenomena
  • Light
  • Stars and The Solar System
  • Pollution of Air and Water