NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes Food Where Does It Come From

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Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes: Food Where Does It Come From

In NCERT Science Chapter 1 Food Where Does It Come From class 6 notes, we study food, ingredients, food sources, Herbivorous, Carnivorous, and Omnivorous.

All living beings need food.


Both components which we consume are called food. They provide notice meant to our body. Eg: – chapati, vegetables, milk, rice, butter, Brad Etc.


The component required to prepare any food item is called ingredients. For example, for cooking rice we need raw rice and water so there are 2 ingredients.

Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes
Food itemIngredients
Rotti / ChaptiAtta, Water
DalPulses, water, salt, spice

Food material and sources

Ford item

  • Every day we eat different type of food.
  • If a person does not get food, he/she feels weak.
  • Different peoples / animals have different choice of food.
  • People live in various state of India how a range of food to 8

These food items come from various sources


  • Food item can be obtained from different sources
  • These sources are divided into two categories
  • Animal
  • Plants
  • There is a third category also which include salt and water

Plant product and animal product as food

Plant products

  • The food item that we get from plants are called plant product.
  • We eat different part of different plants these parts are called edible part. Edible parts in plant is roots, stem, flower and leaves etc.
  • Mustard plants leaves are use as vegetable where as mustard seed give us oil.

Animal product

  • The food item that we get from animal product
  • Food products like meat, eggs, milk, cheese, honey, butter and curd etc are taken by animal.
  • we get egg by chikan.
  • we get milk from cow buffalo.

What do animals eat

Like human beings’ different animals also eat different types of food. For example, Buffalo eat grass, lions eat meat. So we learned that different living beings eat different kinds of food

  • Choice of food is called food habit
  • On the basis of food habit living Organism are categorized into three category.


Herbivorous are those living beings which eat only plant produce. for example cows, buffalo, rabbits, etc eat grass so they are called herbivorous


Carnivorous are those living beings that eat only animal products. Carnivorous animals hunt other animals. for example, lions, wolf cheetahs,s, etc eat other animals so they are called carnivorous.


Omnivorous are those living beings which ate both plant and animal produced. for example dogs, bears, foxes, etc eat both plants product and meat so they are called omnivorous.

Honey: Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees from the nectar of flowers. Honey is collected from beehives. It is used in cooking and also has medicinal value

key point

Ingredients– Ingredients are the things that are used to make a particular dish.

Edible– An editable item is any item that is safe to eat and which has nutrition.

Nectar– Nectar is a sweet liquid present in flowers that attract pollinating animals.

Sprouted seeds– Sprouts seeds that have germinated and become a very young plant. this germination process usually begins with seed being with seeds being soaked for several hours.


  • There is alot of Variation in the food eaten in diffrent regions in india.
  • The main source of our food are plant and animal.
  • Animal which eat only plant are called herbivores.
  • Animal which eat only animal are called carnivores.
  • Animal which eat both plant as well as other animal are called omnivores.

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