NCERT Book Class 6 History for 2024-25

Here we provide NCERT Book Class 6 History pdf. You can download Class 6 History NCERT Book pdf in Hindi and English. Class 6 History ncert pdf 2024 25 provided by NCERT. NCERT Class 6 History pdf helps you to easily understand the topics of India and the contemporary world which are given in the CBSE Syllabus of class 6th.

Class 6 History helps you to build your base for the higher classes. History is a subject that helps you to score high not only in your board exams but also in various competitive exams like UPSC, Railway and SSC. Direct questions are asked from class 6th History NCERT in the GS/ GK portion of the govt exams. In the Class 6 History book, pdf you learn various topics which help you in higher classes. We also provide NCERT Books for Classes 1 to 12.

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NCERT Book for Class 6 History

NCERT Class 6 History Textbooks in both Hindi and English are provided here. You can download NCERT Class 6 History Book from the link below.

NCERT Books Class 6 History Chapter-wise

The Chapter-wise pdf for Class 6 NCERT History books in both languages Hindi and English is given below table.

History – Our Pasts Part Iइतिहास – हमारे अतीत – I
Chapter 1: What Where, How and When?अध्याय 1: क्या, कब, कहाँ और कैसे?
Chapter 2: On the Trail of the Earliest Peopleअध्याय 2: आरंभिक मानव की खोज में
Chapter 3: From Gathering to Growing Foodअध्याय 3: भोजन: संग्रह से उत्पादन तक
Chapter 4: In the Earliest Citiesअध्याय 4: आरंभिक नगर
Chapter 5: What Books and Burials Tell Usअध्याय 5: क्या बताती हैं हमें किताबें और कब्रें
Chapter 6: Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republicअध्याय 6: राज्य, राजा और एक प्राचीन गणराज्य
Chapter 7: New Questions and Ideasअध्याय 7: नए प्रश्न नए विचार
Chapter 8: Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up Warअध्याय 8: अशोक: एक अनोखा सम्राट जिसने युद्ध का त्याग किया
Chapter 9: Vital Villages, Thriving Townsअध्याय 9: खुशहाल गावँ और समृद्ध शहर
Chapter 10: Traders, Kings and Pilgrimsअध्याय 10: व्यापारी, राजा और तीर्थयात्री
Chapter 11: New Empires and Kingdomsअध्याय 11: नए साम्राज्य और राज्य
Chapter 12: Buildings, Paintings and Booksअध्याय 12: इमारतें, चित्र तथा किताबें
NCERT Book Class 6 History

Topics Covered In NCERT Books Class 6 History

Topics Covered in Class 6 History are given below.

  • What, Where, How and When?
  • On the Trail of the Earliest People
  • From Gathering to Growing Food
  • In the Earliest Cities
  • What Books and Burials Tell Us
  • Kingdoms, Kings and the Early Republic
  • New Questions and Ideas
  • Ashoka, The Emperor who Gave up War
  • Vital Villages, Thriving Towns
  • Traders, Kings and Pilgrims
  • New Empires and Kingdoms
  • Buildings, Paintings and Books

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