CBSE Class 10

CBSE Class 10 is a board exam, Class 10th result is deciding factor of your future education. After passing the 10th class students the study pattern of students is completely changed. In higher classes, you have to choose the stream of your interest which depends on your class 10th performance and on your interest. So we advised you to study effectively in this class so that you can gain better results in your board exam.

In this post, we provide complete study materials for the CBSE class 10th in one place. Here you will get the NCERT solution, Notes, Books pdf etc.

CBSE Class 10 NCERT Notes
CBSE Class 10 NCERT Solutions
CBSE Class 10 Syllabus
CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper

NCERT Notes for Class 10- Subject Wise

Class 10th NCERT notes for all subjects are provided here. NCERT notes are very beneficial for the students of the 10th call and for those aspirants who are preparing for any govt job exams in which general knowledge questions are asked. These notes are based on ncert books but some extra facts are included to develop your understanding of the topics.

NCERT notes of Science
NCERT notes for Geography
NCERT notes for Civics/ polity
NCERT notes for History
NCERT notes for English
NCERT notes for Hindi

NCERT Solutions for Class 10

Here you get Chapter-wise NCERT solutions of all subjects of class 10th. NCERT solutions help to clear all your doubts and also help you in your preparation. These Ncert Solutions are based on the Ncert books and we focus on the CBSE board syllabus while writing these solutions.

NCERT Solutions of Maths
NCERT Solutions of Science
NCERT Solutions of Geography
NCERT Solutions of History
NCERT Solutions of Civics
NCERT Solutions of English
NCERT Solutions of Hindi

NCERT Books for Class 10

From here you can Download NCERT Books for class 10 for all subjects. Ncert books are very popular because they are easy to understand and these books are very important because ncert books are written in a very lucid language and develop a basic understanding of the topic covered in your syllabus. We recommend you to read ncert books.

Class 10 NCERT Books in EnglishClass 10 NCERT Books in Hindi
Science NCERTScience NCERT in Hindi
Maths NCERTMaths NCERT In Hindi
History NCERTHistory NCERT In Hindi
Geography NCERTGeography NCERT In Hindi
Civics NCERTCivics NCERT In Hindi
English NCERTHindi NCERT

CBSE syllabus for Class 10

You are advised to read Syllabus before you start your preparations. The syllabus will help you to understand the topics covered in the subjects. Class 10th syllabus is important for students to develop their key concepts on various topics. So, we provide the Class 10 syllabus for all the subjects in the links mentioned below.

  • CBSE Class 9th Syllabus for All Subject 
  • Maths Syllabus
  • Science Syllabus 
  • Social Science Syllabus 

CBSE Class 10 Subjects

As we already discuss In This class, you have to read five compulsory subjects and one optional subject. This curriculum for CBSE classes is designed by the CBSE board. CBSE board is one of the largest and most renowned educational boards in India. Students should know before the beginning of their academic year about the subjects they are going to study. So, we have provided below the list of the subjects that will be taught in the 9th standard.

  • Science
  • Maths
  • Social Science
  • Hindi
  • English

CBSE Class 10 Previous year questions papers

Previous year question papers are considered the most important aspect of study material. Class 10th previous question papers help you to analyse your preparations before appearing in the main exams. You are requested to download these question papers and solve them to boost your preparations.

  • CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Maths
  • CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Science
  • CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Social Science
  • CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for English

We provide CBSE class 10 study materials for all students in downloadable PDF format. The Study materials provided here are completely free and students can access them as per their requirements. Here “Mentor At Home” provides NCERT solutions, revision notes, syllabus, important questions, sample papers and previous year question papers of all subjects for students of 10th standard, so that they can prepare for exams freely and score good marks in the final examinations. All these study materials are designed keeping into consideration the syllabus as per the NCERT curriculum by our subject experts and teachers. 

The solutions provided by us covers all the subjects chapters-wise and exercise-wise so that students can get the best answers for all the questions here. Also, they can prepare for the exam by solving the question papers and sample papers to understand the paper pattern and weightage of each chapter, subject-wise. Important questions cover all the important topics which will be asked necessarily in the final exam. To have a quick revision, students can refer to our notes where each topic is described briefly. Above are the links given for each subject material. Click on the links and prepare for the topics.

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 CBSE Class 10 Study Material
CBSE Class 10 Study Material